A professionally tailored automotive experience for Laredo.


Our Mission

Where dreams become reality.

Most of us have a dream for our precious vehicles. We aspire for greatness. Whether it be raw horsepower to execute the quarter mile in mere seconds with our grocery getters or have a track ready car that we can drive to work and make our fellow car enthusiast friends drool with envy. Some of us are simpler men, or women, who solely desire to look good on our way to our destinations. The one thing we all have in common is our love for all things Automotive.

We realize that dropping off your vehicle at a shop takes a lot of trust. Most of us have dealt with our fair share of mechanics and shops that have taken in our babies and either not provided results or left them in worse conditions than when they arrived. 

Automotive Fitment does things a little different.

Trust is everything. We value that more than any currency you’d pay us with. Whether that be with Crypto or Dollars, trust is a two-way street on which the laws are respected. There’s that old adage, “Trust is always earned, never given.”

We have plenty of happy customers with finished projects that started here at Automotive Fitment. Look at what we’ve done, the pictures speak for themselves. We’re proud of our work, and happy to have these amazing customers with amazing rides that we get to work on.


Tailored to you and your vehicle.


'Gunna let it shine'


Drop it. Lift it. Race it.

Vinyl Wrap

Wrap it and forget it.


You dream it, We build it.


Oil changes, filters and more.

Lift Kits

Do you even lift bro?

Air Bags

How low can you go?

Track Setups

Gotta go fast, possibly sideways.